Denmark Boathouse With Beautiful Surroundings

Boat house located in beautiful surroundings in Svallerup Strand, Denmark. Designed to be very simple and practical at the same time. Cedar wood chosen for construction due to fantastic ability to withstand the elements and silver gray patina. Boat house was built without windows to keep the clean lines of the building intact. This house very multifunctional, client wants to use a second home to save the vessel, fishing gear, bicycles, kayaks and other tools. But it can also be used as a place where you can sit and enjoy the sunset and have guests who stay there for the night. Thus, shelving and storage built into the wall facing east. On the inside there is one open space with beams. Concrete is used for floors that allow covering of sand, making it impossible to see where building ends and beach begins. The floor continued to the outside, creating a patio area and the south. Here’s boathouse for those who love adventure!

source: we-a


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