Stunning Beach House With More Pleasure

This beach house stunning to do whatever you want, ranging from working in the office, lying in bed or cooking in the kitchen, all will bring more fun with beautiful beach views. Despite the fact that house is located in Calfornia, facade very similar to classic holiday house in Long Island. Walking in this house immediately greeted interior and decor with American style, the main features are bright colors, in harmony with furniture, kitchen with island, large head bed and fireplace. I see the peak of interior using vintage style, this style is perfect to complement classical forms of furniture and pastel color upholstery and walls. There is a spacious terrace with sunbathing area and Pacific Ocean views. There is also small cinema as an entertainment area and wide collection of wines. The following picture large beach house on the edge of the road that is perfect for your holiday, get inspired!

source: browndesigninc


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