Teehee Furniture Accompany Your Kids Grows Up

Right now I’m happy to await the birth of our first child. I know we have much to prepare ranging from birth plan to children bedroom. I’m very excited to welcome our first child, especially my wife asked me to search for suitable furniture for kids accompany them grows up. Finally I found a designer kids furniture collection continues with customized unit by Dutch brand Teehee. So let’s see what we could get with this cool furniture.

The Illa and Illeta pieces are designed to encourage family members to interact, and add playfulness to everyday tasks. The Illa crib can be lowered and converted into a bed for toddlers as well as seating, and includes a table attachment that can be used for changing, or as a desk. The furniture includes shelves with room for storing books or toys, and a hanging rail, all of which can be adapted as the small user grows older.

The Illeta crib is similar in design, but includes a larger cabinet with more room to store clothes. It can also be updated for new purposes as children grow up. Babies and toddlers are not fans of change, their rooms become a shelter where they will spend many hours and they should feel comfortable in it. Other pieces in the Teehee collection include standalone cribs and beds, and a set of cushions and bed coverings made from patterned fabrics.

source: dezeen


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