10 Creative DIY Cardboard Crafts For Kid-friendly Toys

Many people consider cardboard to be useless, which takes up a lot of space if stored, especially if you have problems hoarding cardboard boxes, of course this only adds to the chaos in your home. Instead of having to dispose of cardboard boxes, consider turning it into something useful like this child-friendly toys. Cardboard is a material that is very easy to turn into any item, has a strong texture and is safe for children to play with. Also, DIY cardboard toys are very affordable, inexpensive, and easier to make than you might think. So, there is no reason why you should use this kind of material.

Kids have high imagination, and they are happy to create whatever they think is fun. Let’s take a look at our list of our favorite toys you can make using cardboard. Find one of your children’s favorites and invite the kids to make a cardboard toy together!

1. This TV box may look simple, but kids can learn to be an announcer or an entertainer by getting into a TV carton. Great for exercising children’s self-confidence and becoming whatever they want to be

2. The playhouse is a favorite of both boys and girls. Instead of buying a playhouse that is quite expensive, try making a creative cardboard playhouse yourself

3. Every boy will like this. Make cardboard toys in the shape of a climbable car, and let them explore the forest of imagination

4. This cardboard toy idea is quite easy and also very liked by my children. If the kids have a large collection of mini cars, then you just have to make a car track to make it even more fun

5. Sometimes children often disturb us while working, especially when in front of a laptop or computer. This cardboard computer toy has really helped me with it, but it also works quite well as a learning medium

6. What do girls like better than doll houses? This toy is very popular and probably the favorite of all girls

7. Does your child like to play music? But their age a bit dangerous to let play with real musical instruments. So, why not make cardboard musical toys like cardboard guitars, drums and much more

8. Although playing is very fun, there is nothing wrong with teaching them something positive like washing clothes or drying their own clothes

9. Cooking toys are girls’ favorite, either because they often see you cooking or it’s a natural instinct. Make a small cardboard kitchen and let the kids have fun with their favorite dishes

10. Lastly, I have a cardboard animal toy that you can’t miss. This is a great educational toy to train kids’ intelligence. Create different shapes out of cardboard cute animals to learn the names and sounds of animals


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