Who would have guessed that these beautiful wall decorations were all made of unexpected material? Maybe you’ve never thought before, if all this time the cardboard usually only ends up in the trash, then in the hands of creative people this turns into an incredible DIY wall ideas. Cardboard, we often encounter as a box of goodies when you buy something, the texture is strong enough to support the weight and easily formed into craft or home furniture. From wall art to photo frames to DIY storage for all your needs, today I have collected some of the most creative  [ Read More ]

Want something functional, eco-friendly, and of course cheap? Who would have thought that these empty boxes could be reused and converted into a stylish storage unit. If we think back, sometimes creative ideas can come from anywhere, even from unexpected ingredients that may often we think is useless. Recycling cardboard is a creative way to care for the environment, besides you can save a lot of budget without having to buy furniture or a new storage unit. Maybe you can indeed buy all the furniture you want, but sometimes some problems arise when you realize that you don’t have a  [ Read More ]

Let’s take advantage of unused cardboard, I’m not sure how it happened but cardboard just seems to pile up everywhere. Instead of just throwing them, the better we make DIY cardboard crafts in your decor are of course very useful. Cardboard including environmentally friendly materials, one of which you can make a child’s play house or a practical storage box. Simple chandelier can you make with a unique shape, framed family photos or anything you need can be done with DIY cardboard. Here are 15 cardboard decor ideas that will free up some valuable storage space, just find one of  [ Read More ]