20 DIY Rustic Wood Log Walls For Your Home

There is always a way to make the room more comfortable and warm, one of which is to incorporate wood elements in various ways. I’ve always liked pallets and recycling themes for new woods, for example you can place wooden logs on the walls of your house. Today I encourage myself to inspire you about wood logs wall, this will give your wall an artistic and artistic look with a charming rustic style. You can install a wood log wall in your living room or near a fireplace, so you will have both, wall hangings and functionality. Wooden log wall can also look very charming for your dining room, or as decorative decoration behind the furniture is the perfect place for wood log.

There are many different options and designs for wooden log wall, if you are a small handyman or you like crafts then wooden logs have many possibilities when it comes to decorating. Below I have collected some ideas that plaing beautiful in my opinion, like let the wood log wall with a simple look to make it look luxurious in the modern interior. Get inspired!


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