Three Shared kids Bedroom With IKEA Kura

This bedroom for shared three children, Atticus (4), Eleanor (3), and Ike (1) and although it now has space for each child, it seemed like the owners decided to keep them all together. It is very important to teach them to share a room so that they are more sensitive to needs of each, while keep their connection with one-another. One of the best of kids bedroom is situated on the selection of appropriate furniture from IKEA Kura. I love the concept of this room with high ceilings, white walls and bright window in the room. It is kind of the perfect blank canvas to start. Finally, choice fell on the bright color and gender neutral in the sense that each will be loved to kids. This room designed for them to play, read, relax and crazy zone where they can do any fun things on the table, under the sleeping area and a trampoline.

source: apartmenttherapy


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