10 Best DIY IKEA Indoor Garden Spaces

Many of us who live in cities have a dream to have its own garden. Do not be discouraged, let’s get them to grow. You do not need a large backyard to create an impressive garden, even when you are short on flowerbeds and veggie patches, all you need is to get clever with the space you have. IKEA is present in several best indoor garden collection to create a minimalist home you will look alive, while the plants clean the air in apartment for the whole family. Here are 10 ways to find your favorite green areas where you think you may not have any, get inspired!

IKEA’s first collection comes with minimalist indoor garden from family for Bruno an opportunity to learn about nature. Not only succulent plants that decorate this room, but several green wall art creates functional changes into something beautiful as well.

The space between windows can also be prime real estate for growing. IKEA used this wardrobe organizer so we could properly make use of the rooms height.

When you’re short on planting shelves try a utility cart. Utility carts have the added advantage of being easily movable, which can be helpful for finding sunny spots, or ferrying herbs to the table.

Room dividers are a great way to make a vertical garden that not only does not take up much room but also makes a fresh way to separate your homes living areas.

Most of us probably have a few pots on the windowsill, but if you have bigger green ambitions, you could try hanging plants from above.

Like a plastic bag dispenser. Stuff it loosely with newspaper, then add soil where you’ll be placing your bulbs or plants. This method provides lots of space for growth, aeration, and water drainage.

Just place it over your potted plant to give your ivy or other vines a place to explore.

Make a more rustic looking trellis by measuring and cutting (or not, depending on how large you’d like it) slats from a bed base, and tying them together. For a homier look, you could even try kitchen utensils.

This is the coolest way to show your indoor plants, although you will need a special plant that lives in water.

Pick one with a few levels and divide it to suit your needs: keep your newly planted seeds and some water up top, extra pots and tools on the middle shelf, and heavier bags of soil on the bottom.


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