20 Unique Ways To Show Your Bohemian Rugs

I like how bohemian vibe able to give peace in every room. One of them Kilim rugs that maybe it was that bit of Turkish heritage, or maybe it was the rugs with bright colors and patterns of handmade make anyone fall in love. So far we only know bohemian rug is most often used as textiles for the floor, even though they are basically made indeed for house floor. However, there are many creative ways to show you besides just the bohemian rug as floor mats.

They look beautiful draped on the walls, as the foundation bed, as a display on the stairs or even decorate your kitchen table. It makes me even more convinced that the boho rugs will look beautiful in any corner of our house. This post will answer all your questions, where again you can put rugs? Below I have put together 20 unique ideas to inspire you tinker with your rugs. Scroll down and get ready for Turkish decor!


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