22 Modern Living Room Ideas With Industrial Style

Industrial style still has its own fans, we can say that this style is perfect in imperfection. And today we bring you see 22 modern living room ideas with industrial style. Adding a touch of industrial style in modern interior is actually not too difficult because the style is specific, easily recognizable and very easy to achieve. If you want to add to industrial living room style, while you do not want to overdo it you can achieve it by adding furniture from wood and old stuff you can get at various fairs or flea markets, and thus you will be can save money.

Industrial style combining different materials such as wood, metal, and old brick. It is characterized by the building materials which are exposed to installation, brick or concrete walls. If you want to see more simple, just use various photo wallpaper with this pattern. Furniture such as sofas and chairs often wear leather, while a mix of Scandinavian style and vintage became a perfect complement. Although the living room and just look hard industrial for men, you can soften the indoor plants, fur rugs, comfortable furniture, a fireplace, bookshelves, curtains, old photographs and posters that works very chic. Following industrial living room ideas that will inspire you to get the best style, let’s check it out!

source: pinterest


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