Beautiful Joglo House With Rustic Elements

If you’ve been to the city of Yogyakarta in Indonesian then you will immediately fall in love with this house. Joglo style house is indeed the hallmark of this city, when the designer Lulu Lutfi Labibi showcase traditional house with his love of Yogyakarta, which make it for stay on and open boutique’s. Housed in Kampung Pekaten near Kotagede Market, Lulu built his house were very beautiful, traditional, and artistic. You definitely linger here with rustic elements that are very inviting. This house is very thick with shades of earthy and modern, welcoming anyone who came with warm and cozy feeling. You will see the old walls with a dull, earthy, wood furniture with a finish that fades, as well as shelves and iron pillars which also looked dull. Nuance is combined with a number of Javanese wooden furniture, iron benches bright colors, as well as plants are arranged. Scroll down to see more!

Beautiful and cool patio views make anyone linger sitting here. Lulu retains the original shape of the building of this house. Traditional feel awake through the use of materials cobblestones in the courtyard, as well as the pillars that give the house its own characteristics.

One corner of the terrace is a favorite to enjoy a beautiful morning. Note the wooden tables and chairs that have faded, as a story of Javanese tradition of the past. Modern nuances poured through the use pillowcases and potted plants pop-art design and minimalist.

Characteristic of the wooden door of Java is its size that is not too high so as to make our down time of entry into the house. It can also be likened to the earthy attitude and courteous. Wooden door was deliberately made dull with age, however, while providing a natural impression and cold, especially combined with plants around.

source: instagram @lululutfilabibi


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