Romantic Tiny House With Smart Storage Spaces

There are actually many advantages to living in tiny homes, such as the romantic couple Kelly and canaan who decided to move from their big house to a 312 square foot house located on a beautiful family property in a pine forest about 80 miles Dallas. Their decisions initially moved into this house because they feel a little overwhelmed with stuff, they began to feel the urge to downsize the amount of money thrown away because the rent and bills each month. I love what this house has to offer, ranging from bright, well-designed, friendly and smart storage systems in almost every room.

Kelly and Canaan both together develop the taste of design and interior, they both love the bright, open and clean room that still feels very comfortable, warm and eclectic. They realize designing their own home from the ground up and choosing every little detail is a fun learning experience. But that does not mean the home is no shortage, the pair is still figuring out how to take advantage of better storage space. Nevertheless, I think this house is good enough now with the layout and the number of cabinets that they have, and do not forget the bottom of the staircase leading storage loft bed, for me it was very brilliant.

source: camillestyles


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