15 Joglo Living Space With Ethnic Styles

If you’ve been to Asia, especially Indonesia, certainly the first time that you think is Bali. Even though Indonesia still has many beautiful and amazing places, and one of them is Yogyakarta. But this time we will not talk about tourist destinations, but the style of traditional and unique houses from Yogyakarta which is very thick with art and culture. For the Javanese people, especially Yogyakarta, the Joglo house is not just a residence, more than that, the style of the Joglo house has become a symbol for the Javanese community. In Joglo houses, each part of the house has its own symbols and meanings like the framework of a Joglo house or commonly called Soko Guru which consists of four main pillars that are used as pillars of houses. These main pillars symbolize the four directions of the wind, namely west, east, north and south.

Today many modern Asian design houses that try to mix modern style with ethnic Joglo, especially to see their living room. Even though the Joglo living room at a glance looks simple, but the complexity in wood carving and its making make this house style special. The first thing that must be found in a Joglo house is a shopper, this part is usually located on the front of the house and does not have a wall or is open. This is related to the philosophy of the Javanese who are always friendly, open and do not accept anyone as their guest. Then there is the section called Pringgitan, if this is the middle part which is also often used to receive guests who have close relations like family. Finally, Omah Dalem is a space where families usually gather, it can be said that this is the main room consisting of several rooms or storage space for heirlooms and crops.


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