20 Creative DIY Art Stickman Lamps With Unique Shape

Lamps include an important part for your home, in addition to lighting lamps also serve as decorations that will enhance the look of space. Currently a lot of modern light designs with diverse shapes that you can choose for your room, including room lights, bed lights and table lamps. But if you get bored with lighting design is mediocre, there are some creative lighting ideas that you can make yourself at home. This is a DIY stickman lamp with cute and adorable forms, ranging from wood stickman lamps, pipes, up to a unique rubber material.

Stickman lamps are a bit complicated in the making, it is very different if you directly buy it in stores that only provide modern lights. But for that reason, stickman lamps have high artistic value especially if it is your own handmade. There are various types of stickman lamps for decorative lights or hanging lamps, here are 20 stickman stick ideas that are not only unique but very creative to inspire you. Do you like traditional lights or industrial designs? Find the answer below!


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