Sometimes inspiration in decorating the house can come from anywhere, even from old stuff and things that we thought was not used. You do not need to spend a lot of budget just to get a functional home decor, and who could have guessed if the broken roof tile that we initially thought was useless turned out to turn into many sweet and creative decorations. I know shopping appliances or household property has become a fun activity, we can freely choose and decide what fits the furniture of our houses. Perhaps for those who have plenty of money, this will not be a problem, but for those of you who are financial difficulties would have been difficult to make it happen.

You do not need to worry, today I will inspire you with one of those things that you can creations for home decoration. Clay tile fragments is a genius idea for those who want to decorate the house with a super creative DIY project. I am sure after seeing this article you will not assume that the tile fragments just junk. See how the tile fragments could be a cool chandelier, wall hangings, or a stunning garden ornaments. You just need to think creatively and innovatively, then unused goods can still be a beautiful work of art. Here are 20 wonderful artwork from broken tile for home decoration, do not miss!