20 Simple And Stylish Workspace With IKEA Micke Desk

Workspace should be a motivating place where you can find better inspiration from other places, so we need to create a workspace that fits the personality to help the mind and achieve creative ideas. I think there is nothing better than IKEA desk, the display features a simple and clean makes it can fit almost everywhere. You can combine it with a desk or drawer unit or also share it as it is. Place Micke desk wherever you want for a workspace, add seats, wall art, pinbords, photo frames, shelves comfortable and drawer units for storage areas.

Micke desk is designed for universal display, so you can easily put them in a lot of interior, from classic, modern, up to glam. If you do not really like the simple design, you can also hack your Micke desk to create a more beautiful look, there are lots of hack that can be tried, but just changing the color of the drawer is enough to make it look cool. Let’s see what we can do with Micke’s desk for workspace, and maybe one of them is your favorite!

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