22 Most Beautiful Mason Jar Gardens You’ll Love It

After yesterday we tried to create a mini fish tank with a mason jar, there are still many things we can do with this versatile mason jars if we could think a little creatively. Mason jars is very popular as a DIY project for everything in the last few years, including how a mini garden can look beautiful with this little jar, even you also do not need to be a gardener to be able to love this gardening hack. Try selecting several mason jars of different shapes and sizes to grow plants, my favorites are cactus, succulent, and terrarium. It is the perfect solution for those who do not have enough land especially in the outdoor garden, mason jar gardens is enough to be an alternative adorable planter.

Mason jar gardens are not only beautiful as home decoration, but they can also be the best gift you need, whether it’s a mothers day gift, valentine day gift, or whatever you want. You can make your own this beautiful gift and take care of it to give to people you think are special. For those of you who do not like the look of mason jars is clear and simple, just add paint or printed as desired. Look at mason jar garden ideas that I am sure you will be inspired to have one at home, curious? Let’s check it out.

source: pinterest


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