What do you have in mind when we talk about mason jars? I am sure you will immediately think about wedding decorations or harvesters. Some people even like to use mason jars as food containers, usually as jellies or pickles, and many use them as fruit and vegetable salads. Then the question is, whether mason jars can be used as decoration to beautify your home? Believe me, there are so many things and uses of mason jar crafts that you can apply to beautify your home. That’s because they are very practical and functional, even most of these decorations use  [ Read More ]

After yesterday we tried to create a mini fish tank with a mason jar, there are still many things we can do with this versatile mason jars if we could think a little creatively. Mason jars is very popular as a DIY project for everything in the last few years, including how a mini garden can look beautiful with this little jar, even you also do not need to be a gardener to be able to love this gardening hack. Try selecting several mason jars of different shapes and sizes to grow plants, my favorites are cactus, succulent, and terrarium.  [ Read More ]

Seeing fish is believed to reduce stress and refresh the mind, because that’s when many people choose fish tank or aquariums in their room. But sometimes a large fish tank and take a lot of places is often difficult in the decor, it is this that underlies so many DIY projects that are considered mini fish tank is quite easy and does not spend a lot of budget. The majority of the mentioned fish are indeed ideal for smaller tank aquariums, and today we will try how to make smaller tank aquariums with mason jar ideas. Mason jars is very  [ Read More ]