15 Awesome DIY Fish Tank With Mason Jar Ideas

Seeing fish is believed to reduce stress and refresh the mind, because that’s when many people choose fish tank or aquariums in their room. But sometimes a large fish tank and take a lot of places is often difficult in the decor, it is this that underlies so many DIY projects that are considered mini fish tank is quite easy and does not spend a lot of budget. The majority of the mentioned fish are indeed ideal for smaller tank aquariums, and today we will try how to make smaller tank aquariums with mason jar ideas. Mason jars is very easy to obtain, although small but still could be a mason jar awesome fish tank if you decorate it properly. If you want to use tropical fish, you can think of to get a mini heater, or more popularly put only one beta fish in it.

You can decorate mason jar fish tank according to taste, even you can make your own water garden with this small bottle. As a guideline, you can create a wide variety of aquatic plants, mini or add a vase. Just put this cool fish tank wherever you want it, and you’re ready to get excited again. Here are 15 mason jar fish tanks that are not only unique but also make your room more fresh. Let’s check!

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