30 Genius DIY Mason Jar Crafts For Your Every Room

What do you have in mind when we talk about mason jars? I am sure you will immediately think about wedding decorations or harvesters. Some people even like to use mason jars as food containers, usually as jellies or pickles, and many use them as fruit and vegetable salads. Then the question is, whether mason jars can be used as decoration to beautify your home? Believe me, there are so many things and uses of mason jar crafts that you can apply to beautify your home. That’s because they are very practical and functional, even most of these decorations use DIY craft ideas that I’m sure you can easily use for any room.

They are cheap and easy to obtain, turning them into planters and flower vases in the room, or romantic candle holders. You can also use them as storage organization for your goods, can as a storage area in the bathroom, set your beauty supplies, as a condiment in the kitchen, or used as a beautiful fairy garden. Mason jars are very suitable as decoration during celebrations, ahead of Christmas there will be many Christmas decorations with mason jar ideas, both as a night light at Christmas or a festive Christmas decoration. You will never run out of ideas to use them as decorations as you wish. That’s because the stone jars have the right size for all kinds of home decor, you can even make a chandelier with multiple sets of stone jars. Awesome is not it? Below I have put together 30 genius DIY mason jar crafts for your every room, now scroll down and find your favorite ideas!


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