25 Cute And Modern Easter Eggs To Surprise Your Kids

There are always sweet memories when it comes to Easter, and somehow Easter feels very beautiful when I was a kid. This is what I want to tell my kids when it comes Easter, in which a lot of fun when decorating Easter eggs that involves us as parents. My parents used to be very enthusiastic when we tried to decorate Easter eggs, when they bought a whole lot of dye tablets in the supermarket, followed by my mother who wanted to sacrifice all the white vinegar on the process to make the eggs really colorful and cool. Lucky this time we live in the digital world with a lot of inspiration from the social media whose ideas are endless.

I want my children to feel the beauty of Easter that they will never forget even as an adult, and I also want to surprise them with cute DIY Easter eggs and modern, which certainly will be to their liking. From emoji to simple Easter eggs, there are also adorable monster, their favorite cartoon characters, to the kind of fruit they like. It was really fun, and I’m sure the children will learn with all the creativity they have. Some Easter egg ideas do not all use paint or dye tablets, you can try to make use of unexpected materials for more fun ideas. Here are 25 Easter egg designs that will surprise your kids, scroll down and find your favorite one!


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