35 Simple And Elegant Asian Decor Ideas

Many people think simple life is the easiest way to be happy, so they try to simplify their lives starting from the environment. Since ancient times, Asian culture has also lived with a simple but still elegant with furniture and decorations. Asian-style interior is designed to provide peace, balance, and tranquility in space, but still simple and neat. Today Asian styles have been combined with modern styles to create decor with unique Asian influences. Asian theme still be an option that is most popularly used for the interior of the home, especially for those who live in the tropics. Simple yet elegant style, and also warm but classic, provides an ideal atmosphere in every room. This also applies to those of you who live zen life and are looking for interior inspiration that puts forward the same value. Then what kind of decorating ideas are inspired by Asian culture? Let’s look at 35 ideas below!


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