5 Tips And Examples To Beautiful Patio Ideas In Asian

Patio becomes an important part when you want to build a house, but what if you only have a little land of course this will be a problem. If you live in Asian and experience, this time I also had the same problem with space limitations, but I believe with a bit of creative ideas I still can build a beautiful patio design that is not only convenient but also very inviting. Today I want a variety of 5 easy tips and examples for a small terrace idea, it is very useful for me and I am happy to be able to share with you. I also give some reference pictures to help you, but you can still create your own decor patio that may suit your own style.

The garden plays a great role and helps to beautify your front porch, as it builds green space you can do in various ways. Furniture will support your comfort while relaxing on the front porch while enjoying coffee and the beautiful sunset during the afternoon, and who does not like to hear the sound of water from a fish pond refreshing. Curious to know more? Let’s check it out.

1. Furniture Theme

Furniture is the first thing you think of for a front porch, you can choose some styles that are trendy nowadays. This time I have a Scandinavian style to the front porch, because I think the style is very comfortable and beautiful at any season. Some minimalist styles also look charming, rattan chairs or bamboo is perfect for Asian style.

2. Small Fish Ponds

Fish pond not only beautify your terrace garden, but also make you feel calm and feel closer to nature. In this case, you can choose the type of koi fish or goldfish that is believed to bring good luck.

3. Vertical Garden

If your land is really narrow, you can still garden with the idea of a vertical garden. The succulent plants, cactus or the like are perfect for this park idea. You can hang them by adding wall pallets. This will solve your problem.

4. Tropical Garden

Tropical garden is perfect for those of you who live in Asia, some tropical plants are known to be easy to treat and they can grow very long like coconut trees, ferns and others.

5. Canopy And Carport

The canopy is not just a sweetener for your front porch, it can also be a carport for you car lovers. Adding canopy at once is very popular carport today. So I am very excited to include it in our list this time.


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