23 Outdoor Patio Deck Ideas That Feel Homey


A large and luxurious house is not a guarantee that its residents will feel comfortable. In addition to arranging the house according to your personality, external factors such as gardens and outdoor areas are really the dream of every homeowner. Especially if you live in an urban area, of course, any small outdoor area you have will be very valuable. Apart from creating a beautiful garden, an outdoor patio will give you a place to relax outdoors. However, before we discuss further, you need to know what is a patio? The term open space is often misunderstood as simply a terrace or backyard. In fact, the patio has its own structure and history.

Patio comes from Spanish which means courtyard of a house or building. The meaning of the courtyard on the patio is slightly different because the patio is not surrounded by walls. The concept emphasizes more open areas that are natural and in contact with the ground or floor, without having to have platforms or usually surrounded by landscapes. Patio can also be attached to the structure of the house or separately. Patio designs are often surrounded by a beautiful garden. In general, patio designs are also very flexible and can be adjusted according to the desired taste, shape, or concept. Among the many patio decorating ideas, perhaps the patio deck is one of our favourites.


Patios not only add to the beauty of their homes. It becomes a comfortable place where you can spend time after a tiring day. Patios can be the best choice for limited spaces, and if you like a natural feel then adding a deck will feel more integrated with the surrounding environment.

Relaxing outdoor space

Want to have a relaxing time alone or with your family at home? Create a patio design that makes you feel cozy. Just add furniture and adjust the sitting position to make room for other family members.


Part of landscape

As an extension to a part of the house, the patio can be a functional area to transition from outdoor to indoor. Thus, the utilization of the area becomes more leverage, especially with the addition of beautiful landscaping that makes the house more refreshing. You can use the remaining area in the garden or outdoors to build the patio of your dreams.


Outdoor Space-saving

You don’t need a large area to build a patio. Although small in size, the right arrangement can create a comfortable outdoor space. Try a patio design that fits your personality. Add patterned rugs for the floor, add a stylish set of furniture to make the patio look more aesthetic. Don’t forget to decorate with fresh green plant decorations.


Natural And Homey

You can realize your dream of having a patio without having to spend a lot of money, look for nature-inspired style solutions such as natural bamboo or rattan materials in the form of mats. You can also make a corner of the garden with a bench or put a small set of cozy furniture. Warm natural nuances like this are very effective in making a homey impression and also easy to obtain.

Here are some patio deck inspirations that we have compiled for you!




















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