A Cat Thing Module Series With Cardboard System

There is always a lot of ways to make your pet happy, and if you are the owner of several cats adorable then you definitely require furniture and various modules for areas they play. Good news for you cat lovers, because this post I will share an amazing idea that I am sure will you will love it and so does your cat. Cat Thing is a series of products designed specifically for cats. This product has a creative design, stylish and harmonious suitable for modern homes. Cat Thing inspired series of prefab buildings, origami and Lego, this includes various modules where the cat can play, jump, hide, rest, crawl and many more. All parts of the module is attached securely without any tools and they will easily accommodate cats of various ages.

You can make your own cat buildings for you, and they also suit their needs and behaviors. Its minimalist design with geometric shapes and graphic prints allows it to blend in home furnishings. One that I like from Cat Thing, because this module is made of cardboard. This is really surprising, in addition to environmentally friendly, this module is also very safe for your furry friends. So what are you waiting for? Visit the sites that display details about them for more information. Meanwhile, you need to see some inspirations below!

source: designboom


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