Crosley Messenger Turntable With Retro Of Music

A new innovation that combines perfection between contemporary and elegant retro style. Crosley Messenger Turntable is a stylish bag that contains a three-speed wireless turntable, which can be used to enjoy your vinyl songs anywhere and anytime. Having the shape of a messenger bag in general, designed with a neat canvas and zip exterior that holds the bag closed, the messenger comes with a stylish single strap for carrying it, and a handle for carrying it like a briefcase in general.

At first glance this bag is indeed like a messenger bag or office bag that we usually see, but if you open it you have a complete turntable on the inside with three speed adjustments, volume and pitch control, and even a headphone jack and more when you don’t want to use inbuilt Messenger speakers. . This bag can be empowered with AC, but can also be used wirelessly with 6 AA batteries. Bags are practical with a compelling retro style, and who would have thought it contained vinyl pleasant musical entertainment.

Multiple Output Options

A dynamic full range speaker is built into the unit for sharing tunes over the air, or plug in a pair of earphones into the included headphone jack for private listening.

Plug In or Play on the Go

Plug in the Messenger with AC power or on 6 AA batteries (not included). Store the AC adapter in the handy storage pocket inside the bag.

Messenger Bag Style Case

The Crosley Messenger’s soft-sided carry case comfortably houses the lightweight turntable to take anywhere.

Portable Audio Ready

Listen to mobile apps or digital audio by plugging in any portable audio device or MP3 player into the auxiliary port.

source: yankodesign


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