Amazing Tiny House Inspired To The Moon

This tiny house is a fraction of the few futuristic design houses that we can meet today, an ambitious project built by naval architect Kurt Hughes is a small home inspired space craft in central Washington. With experience in the navy during the prowess shipbuilding, Hughes has successfully completed hexagonal shelter is nine feet above the ground with the support of three steel beams attached to the concrete pads. The unique 250-square-foot house weighs 3,000 pounds, which only amounts to a tenth of the Apollo module’s weight 11 months after being modeled. This house is intended to be a tribute to an era when things can happen, and perhaps because this house is close to the Apollo astronauts who practiced a few miles from here.

Hughes helped many blueprints of space travel, it makes him have a vision of a habitable dwelling with marine composites latest technology, provide comfort to its occupants with a low impact on the soil factors and high-rise buildings were amazing. The house is accessed via 12 steps that make up a solar powered path to the front door of a wheeled ship. Walking inside, you will be directly in the kitchen, bathroom, dining room, storage area and dome roof traversed by lots of natural light. The bathroom emits its own light, thanks to the fluorescent epoxy floor support. The staircase leads to a relax area for two, a kitchen and a bed. Top floor, you can see a view of the surrounding landscape from the deck were incredible.

source: apartmenttherapy


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