Artistic And Luxury Timber Pod Hotel With Diamond Shaped

Modular Tetra Shed once shocked the world with its beautiful corner design and won the award. Now they are back with the award-winning concept was reborn as a full-scale hotel and has evolved into something entirely new and more substantial. Using the original concept from David Ajasa-Adekunle as a guide, introduces the futuristic Tetra Hotel designed as a series of diamond shaped timber pods in stunning scenery. It expands like a pyramid, grouping dozens of independent accommodation yet connected in one beautiful riverside system.

Each residence features an office space, living room, bed, arranged in a vertically open multi-tiered floor plan that leads to natural light. It looks really artistic and luxurious, although little information about the real plans of development, but if this hotel is really realized then it would be amazing!

source: yankodesign


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