House Rheder 2: Enjoy Nature And Weekend House By Heike Falkenberg

When you get tired of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and want to take a moment off load and work then there is a big risk to give up. Do not let yourself fall in saturation, start to take a vacation and provide more important space to feel connected to nature. House Rheder 2 by Heike Falkenberg is what you need to refresh the soul and mind through naturalness, simplicity, and clarity they offer. Located in Rheder, Germany, this house also successfully received the American Architecture Prize Bronze Award 2016 in the category Interior Design Residential.

Weekend house has an area of 90 square meters of flexible space arrangements. The living room blends with the terrace, which is part of the landscape, as well as the living space, kitchen, dining room, reading room and bedroom that evolves from large spaces into smaller intimate spaces. Outside the house offers stunning natural scenery, which is directly located on the banks of the Nethe, a tributary of the Weser River in the German countryside. A reflecting pool, it also allows the natural play of light on the ceiling ensure a mix of interior and exterior. The minimalist furniture offers to the residents all the freedom and allows them to create private retreat places.


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