Beautiful Natural Home To Simple Of Life

Applying a simple lifestyle is believed to give a feeling of peace and happiness, like this house filled with earthy tones, wood fiber furniture and greenery. I am a fan of decorations with beautiful materials, natural and environmentally friendly. And it looks like this house represents every element I like, it looks simple but gives a great sense of comfort in every room. The main living room is surrounded by a large window that allows natural afternoon light to enter with its warmth, while the leather sofa looks chic with the room, a Willow Buffet becomes a sweetener as well as a place to store all the music collection. The living room is a favorite here, this is the place where this young family often spend time with their little baby. Wicker has a vintage feel, and a theme that inadvertently bind together a bedside table, a wicker chair in the reading corner, nursery and more storage wood finishes. This family entrusted all the decorations to the Global West, they collaborated on creating ideas that fit their memories and life stories that they love to travel. This house is like an adventure museum where the place where their story begins.

source: tuulavintage

photos: rose jane


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