What would happen if a country-style house was inspired by nature? Country garden house is the answer. This beautiful house was designed by Olson Kundig who is in the middle of a lush landscape. This house takes every opportunity to enjoy the surrounding natural scenery and rolling hills, while the interior keeps creating a warm space that can be enjoyed by every family member. The shape of the house consist of wood reclaimed former is reminiscent of the structure of agriculture or even a greenhouse with glass-topped roofs are pitched high, and high windows at each end of the main  [ Read More ]

Applying a simple lifestyle is believed to give a feeling of peace and happiness, like this house filled with earthy tones, wood fiber furniture and greenery. I am a fan of decorations with beautiful materials, natural and environmentally friendly. And it looks like this house represents every element I like, it looks simple but gives a great sense of comfort in every room. The main living room is surrounded by a large window that allows natural afternoon light to enter with its warmth, while the leather sofa looks chic with the room, a Willow Buffet becomes a sweetener as well  [ Read More ]