Casa Peninsula: The Incredible Clifftop Residence In Brazil

This is not a place to live only in films or digital engineering, this luxury residence is truly real in Guaruja, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Designed by Bernardes Arquitetura, Casa Peninsula is a modern building that adapts the beauty of the horizon that blends with the amazing natural environment.

The result is an extraordinary cliff dwelling that has a cleaver with three tiers of floors, making it look like a light volume perched on the edge of the hillside and the sea below. Luckily, this house is blessed with a natural landscape that stretches from lush green cliff plot, stretching across the bay and skyline bag. All of God’s gifts can be enjoyed through panoramic windows or while enjoying swimming in the infinite triangular pool on the roof. Casa Peninsula is a beauty in perfect luxury.

The attraction of this house is on the roof with a triangular pool with a sun deck, the perfect location to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding bay and the stunning sea horizon. The residence also gives you a very secluded tranquility on a very green peninsula in Guaruja. Its strategic location allows the house to glow on a rock cliff with a bay that stretches far.

Divided into three levels, the ground floor features four living rooms and a TV room. Intermediate level as the kitchen, dining room and living room with an open concept to a sun deck with a swimming pool triangle. While the top floor is a haven for private rooms.

Like most luxury residences, this house has a swimming pool that has unlimited effects. It’s as if you are swimming in the middle of an ocean that flows to the horizon, an amazing sensation for those who crave extraordinary places to vacation and enjoy the beauty of nature.

The open concept blurs the boundary between the outside and the interior, there is an outdoor kitchen, an al fresco dining area, and an open space with a glass fence around the balcony leaving an incredible view. Glass doors that can be pulled together with a wooden ceiling that can be bent provide a continuous feeling between the two zones.

Being in the living room still feels two different zones that give a broad view of the room thanks to the glass windows and doors in almost every part. Tropical-style furniture is very visible with comfortable cream sofas, two different coffee tables, a collection of interesting items, on natural woven carpets.

Triangular theme not only in the entire volume of the exterior of the house and an infinity pool on the roof, but also into the dining area. Wood elements are seen in almost every part that officially accommodates ten visitors. A wooden room divider in the middle of an open space which is partially seen filtering a spiral-shaped staircase from the dining room.

The master bedroom is very large by taking a soothing vision with a neutral accent, equipped with its own balcony area with glass doors. The main bathroom also has a very large area, with a bathtub that stands near the window, while the selection of the right mirror is suitable for a seamless display.

This house offers peace on the peninsula in a bag of lush green cliffs, with a glass balcony overlooking the sea. Brazil steep bay makes the location really is in the middle of nature, and the sound of the ocean waves enveloped amazing places hidden.

source: home-designing


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