Cocoon Modules: Eco-Friendly Shipping Container Homes

Cocoon Modules is a construction company based in Athens, recently has been completion of a shipping container homes for use as holiday homes, development of tourism, a pop-up shop and emergency shelters. This marvelous project is a collaboration with the Greek mattress brand, Coco-Mat, by focusing on environmentally friendly living alternatives. The philosophy of Cocoon Modules is based on an environmental design that provides mobile and modular units to respond to contemporary nomad needs, in fact they claim one of their container homes is 15% more cost-effective than pre-fab homes and 30% less than the average traditional house in Greece. Cocoon Modules offers a complete solution for users, who can benefit from an elegant design, lower cost, and quality ingredients that make anti-earthquake certified unit.

The container house has wood on either side and back of the house, with large sliding glass doors on the front and a rooftop garden. Walking inside the house, there is an open-plan living room, dining room, and a kitchen fused with interior design. Modern style bathrooms, bedrooms, storage space, and furniture constructed from environmentally friendly materials. Coco-Mat also provides cushions and furniture sets to provide extra comfort when wanting to relax outdoors.


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