Disappear Retreat: Mirrored Cabin Inspired By Predator

The best way to get close to nature is to blend in with the surroundings, and the mirrored cabin in the middle of this forest is really the perfect camouflage to hide. Maybe for you fans of comics or movies Predator franchise already know about the cloak of invisibility, inspired by Predator, “Disappear Retreat” by Coulson is a cabin in real life that seems to disappear and blend into the surroundings. Not only have the decorative structures, pre-fabricated cabin is designed to go off the grid using passive heating and cooling systems to keep the room with an area of 83 square feet is still comfortable in any weather condition. The cabin is not only environmentally friendly, these four small cabin walls are made of semi-reflective glass that hides it from the outside and allows guests to more freely take in the world around them. It’s like a hidden retreat that allows you to explore the natural surroundings.

source: techeblog


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