Filter017 Creative Office With Youthful Elements

If we usually see the office with modern and even formal design, this time I would like to introduce you to Filter017 creative studio. Office design is really out of the box, full of creativity for a workspace with soul, designed to work as a team and where the youthful element is the most important component not only in room but also in the way they work. This office opened my eyes when many people think that the office is the most boring place.

Filter017 is a creative studio located in Taiwan since 2004, focusing on product development and industrial design. Having a working philosophy is based on a mixture of concepts to create an inspiring intelligent space. The definition is like the sauce you put in your food, lots of mixed and rich spices that produce a delicious sauce. For them the challenge is something that is fun to combine elements and achieve new results are surprising.

It is a multidisciplinary studio with a variety of products, where they make everything from fashion collections, accessories, sports accessories, hats, packaging, photography, toys, rollerblading, and interior design. They dared to face the challenge and likes new things.

Their products are mostly designed for young people who are full of energy, passion and confidence.

The office space is relaxed and full of familiarity, the office desk design is very helpful to optimize teamwork.

Despite having a relatively small space, this office also features a comfortable living area.

A smart storage rack that leverages every inch of this room.

They also have storage facilities that are attached to the work area, perhaps because of the many products they produce so require a lot of storage space.

I like the sliding barn door, confirms that the office should be like a second home for the employees who will make them feel comfortable.

There’s nothing better than indoor plants, and Filter017 really understand that.

They let it all look natural, even you can see the brick wall cracks slightly strange, but very cool.

Filter017 combines many traditional industrial designs and natural styles, as seen from the elegant design of lamps and wooden tables. This is really a fun combination for an office space.

Finally we get to the end of the article, thanks Filter017 which inspired me a lot about how to blur the line between office with a comfortable and super cool place to live. Do not forget to visit their site to know more about them.

source: behance


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