Flexible Roll-Out Table For Everything You Need

Without realizing the table becomes important furniture when you want to do all activities, whether you are alone, with family, business partners or just sharing information with friends, the table is the best place to do it. But when you are no longer able to hold everything you need, it will be very annoying to have to go into the basement just to take extra table leaves. For this reason, Marcus Voraa, who is also a designer, tries to create flexible tables and have everything in one place. Luckily, at the same time he received an internet-themed message for an exhibition at Stockholm Furniture Fair, that’s when the idea for a roll-out table came together.

Inspired by the needs of people for a table that can accommodate everything they need. The table length can be adjusted by sliding the edge of the table out and letting it follow the surface of the table, and the secret is on the steel crank on the side of the table that serves to pull back the table or to shorten it. Table is where we meet, know each other, discuss, and share information in the real world. No matter where you want to place it, the table is a parallel world for meeting each other, physically and digitally.


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