Illuminated Wooden Frame For Potted Plants

There is an interesting in the exhibition of stockholm furniture 2018 yesterday, Johan kauppi launched a product for potted plants with illuminated wooden frame. This is a minimalist pot plants suitable for work space, such as working alongside tropical forests or to show your beautiful orchid collection in different ways. The new “limbus greenframe” project from the Swedish studios, using a large minimalist wood frame that celebrates potted plants and greenery, and makes them look attractive to any space. The frame can illuminate to highlight the plant you choose with a delicate LED line. Standing on two small props, greenframe is not just a lamp and a shelf for plants but also serves as a room divider, which you can put in the middle of the room or adjusted to the wall. If you are creative enough you can combine multiple frames to create a complicated partition and set it in a line or set it in a corner. Here’s the greenframe limbus gallery and enjoy how simple furniture can make a difference to your space!

source: designboom


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