Longdrop: Eco-friendly Toilet In The Woods

The Long Drop will be very useful if this eco-friendly toilet is open to the public. Unfortunately, the compost toilet without charge and without impact was only made for and by Invisible Studio to serve their own forest studio. Amazingly, this building is made entirely of scavenged material, and there is no cost to build it. Principle toilet is separate solids and urine just below the seat. Urine is captured at the surface of the soil through a drain pipe, and will be used as fertilizer, because it contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The solid is taken through a series of piled up waste baskets and from donations, the results will be used as fertilizer left over for 12 months.

The toilet completely uses the available material. Wood, lath and sheet material are all left over from other projects, and of various sizes. Currently Longdrop has been listed for the AJ Small Projects Award, and hopefully in the future this design can also be enjoyed by the public.


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