Looped In: Social Seating In Philadelphia

Looped In won a lot of competition for a pop up social seating system played with the normative language of urban park benches, solidifying it into something very functional and unpredictable. Designed by Is-Architects with looping canopies provides shade and encourages different levels of interaction between people sitting on the opposite side of each loop. Installation have occupied prominent locations as a terrace adjacent to the main train station in Philadelphia and Clark Park and Drexel Park in West Philadelphia.

Looped is designed for the public and anyone who wants to rest in the middle of urban, this bench allows you to sleep, sit, or even enjoy lunch at the office rest.

Material made of iron and wood as the main ingredient, lying on this social seating you will feel shady and comfortable while enjoying the wind gusts from the canopy crevices.

This social seating consists of several designs that offer a different relaxed experience. There is a bench design for seating and a bench design to lie down.

The concept of social seating like this plays a very positive role for the park in the big cities. Foster a more intimate social feel, and most importantly care about the environment. I think the architect has succeeded in applying what people really need for fast and individual urban life.


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