Scratching Cat Table With Place Your Old Magazine

I always like functional furniture that could be used for more than one thing, including this genius desk, where you can put old magazine which also serves as a pole for your cat scratches.

This is really awesome when we enjoy coffee with the magazine in the afternoon, and when you finish with the magazine, save it to the stack in the storage compartment of Afternoon Table and it will be an updated scratching post. The storage compartment is also a comfortable hiding place and your cat’s favorite place to take a nap. So, if you are interested they are still available for order.

If you are curious about the cat furniture set above, they also provide some cute and adorable furniture to complete your collection. Cucuckoo Clock and Welcome Home Shelf will make your room even more charming.

Cucuckoo Clock

We all know that cats love to stalk birds. But there is rarely a bird in a crowded and crowded city apartment. For this reason you need a bird on the clock, when kitty bats at the bird tail that hangs from Cuckoo Clock, the bird perched above will dance.

The blue cuckoo in the clock is Delalandes Coua, a extinct species of Cuckoo due to deforestation.

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Welcome Home Shelf

The Welcome Home Shelf apart from being a simple wall storage also serves as a perfect place for your cat to jump when they hear your footsteps outside the door and rush to greet you at the end of the day. Its simple and easy-to-find form is a great place to keep small, everyday items like keys and it will remind you that snuggling the cat should always be your first priority when you get home.

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