Super Cozy Renovated A-Frame Home In Oregon

The house was initially abandoned and accidentally discovered by families who wanted to move to Hood River, Oregon. When you first see a small red house with A-frame, they immediately decide to have it. They had never seen A-frame beforehand, especially when it was first discovered in very bad condition with nothing in it. But they can see the beauty of the actual home of plywood floors, carpets painted green, dark veneer panels and worn very small kitchen with an iron bath tub pink complete with a matching toilet. Renovation of the house is not too much for retaining the wooden flooring, interior paint and updated kitchen. Renovation is even more done in the bathroom, especially the bathtub. Now A-frame home is very convenient for them and their two children.

Wall art is very important, it is simple but has such a strong message to the homeowner. Wherever they look at it, it is very motivating and inspiring to always work hard and be nice to others. While other favorite parts are carpets, carpet designs with rich colors that may be the first thing they praise when they visit.

Although the house looks very nice and warm, but only had a very small kitchen area. So do not be surprised if the kitchen is the first thing they want to rebuild right away, adding everything new, tile backsplash and farmhouse sink.

The bedroom is the favorite room in this house, it is on the top floor and the king bed. I think you will also feel warm and comfortable in the bedroom located at the top of this triangle.

source: apartmenttherapy


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