The Ellipsicoon Pavilion Series By UNStudio

This unique project was designed by Dutch architectural practices led by ben van berkel from UNStudio. Named the ellipsicoon, it is a movable structure that can be a place of rest and retreat inside and outside the room. This project forms part of the revolution in the pavilion series, a collection of structures that have many functions designed to complement every space you want. constructed from strands of 100% recyclable high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the project is designed and developed digitally before knitted by highly skilled craftsmen using hand.

This pavilion consists of separate spaces for moments of rest, reading, contemplation or even theater such as cocoons for conversation and communication. Design has curved sides tapering structure into as they rise, with rounded openings that blur the boundaries between internal and external space. Inside, a sunken seating area follows the fluid contours of the space.

source: designboom


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