The SNO Lights To Perfect Your Christmas Night

There’s nothing more perfect than Christmas light at night, and believe the SNO Tree will perfect your Christmas Eve. This lamp literally updates the light of Christmas by not being the light you put on the Christmas tree, but instead becomes an adorable mini-shaped light tree. Fascination warm, soft and intimate that represents the spirit of Christmas. The SNO tree is a table lamp that comes in a simple way, which is coupled with soft silicone, the tree-shaped lampshade around the LED emits its warmth. A perfect little lights to celebrate Christmas, the SNO Tree gives you feeling warm and fuzzy Christmas when ignited.

Lights powered by a lithium-ion battery that can be recharged via USB. Switching the light on is as simple as tapping its capacitive-touch-enabled base. Tapping it multiple times lets you toggle through its brightness settings, and a long press puts it back to sleep. Two variants of the Tree and heart in simple and intelligent varieties. Both of these lamp variants work purely through the touch panel on the base, while the smart variant comes with a partner application that allows you to switch light features through your smartphone. SNO Tree light collection and discover the double pleasure of your Christmas time later.

source: yankodesign


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