Torquay Concrete House For Coolest Families

This cool family home is located on Victorian surfing beach in Torquay, Australia. If most families build their homes in a minimalist or contemporary style, then this family is different from choosing concrete and wood as the main ingredient. Its strategic location allows them to close to the beach, in addition to enjoying surfing in one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This house is designed by Auhaus Architecture, a 4 bedroom family house designed as a proper walled protection and allows stunning views to wetlands and golf courses. The material pallet is very rich and structured, while the combination of concrete and wood works very well into the interior.

To add a modern impression, the use of brass details along with marble and wood, adds warmth to the mass of natural concrete, in addition to creating beautiful patterns. The house uses an open concept which can be seen from the many ceiling-high glass windows that stretch over two floors, allowing natural light to enter the inside. Being in the living room, we will face the lush courtyard, while the two bedrooms downstairs and a study room took in the climbing park on the south side. Walking upstairs, there is a master bedroom overlooking the courtyard that opens to a private roof garden.

source: blessthisstuff


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