17 Unusual Interactive Staircase Designs

Everyone has dreams of a beautiful house equipped with facilities that pamper owners, although there is an expression of a beautiful home that does not have a large and luxurious. Sometimes a small house and not too big actually gives more warmth and comfort to its occupants, and that depends on the decoration of the house that you have done. If you are a big family but don’t have enough land to build a big house, then a two-story or more house is the easiest solution. The two-story house design gives its occupants the extra space needed for some additional bedrooms, besides you also have to make it comfortable with the right home arrangement.

House has two floors or more, it means that you should not forget the most important element is the staircase. You need to know, the ladder not only has a functional aspect as a liaison between the two floors. But if you are creative, stairs have aesthetic value that will beautify the look of your home. Stairs can be the main focus when people visiting your home and stairs will make the atmosphere of the house more comfortable to occupy. Today I have collected 17 unusual interactive staircase designs to change the look of the stairs to be extraordinary. Fun, most of them are simple DIY projects that you can even make yourself from makeshift materials. So what are you waiting for? Let’s check.

1. Do not let your house staircase looks plain and unremarkable. To make it more beautiful, try painting it in a different blue color, then adding a unique stencil matching the carving of the furniture

2. Don’t leave an empty area under your stairs. Placing several photo frames can be an attractive decoration choice

3. For those of you who like the Bohemian style, you can try putting the carpet into the staircase decoration. Besides being unique, this decoration also looks artistic

4. Wall art can be an interesting display on the stairs. Instead of leaving it blank, why don’t you try to give a decorative touch that will enhance the appearance of the stairs

5. Scandinavian styles can be created even for staircase designs. Some unique items such as straw hats, baskets and wall hangings are the best choices

6. Lights can be an important element for decorating stairs so that the interior design of the house looks modern

7. Book fans will definitely like this one style. Take advantage of the stairs to become a functional library

8. Lego stair design is not only attractive, but will be loved by children

9. Adding glass to the stairs will make your home look elegant. Suitable for those of you who like a minimalist style

10. Give a touch of a farmhouse by adding a bench under the stairs. This gives a warm impression on your entryway

11. Painting stairs is the most creative idea you can try and express

12. Who would have thought if the decor of this staircase was only decorated with colorful washi tape to make a cool design

13. Building a storage area under the stairs will save you a lot of space. You can even hide it with the idea of stairs storage racks

14. Some indoor plants can be an option to beautify stair decorations. If you don’t want trouble, plants like cactus and succulent don’t need too much care

15. Blue gradation is a color that can make the atmosphere feel cool and soothing. This idea can apply to give a touch on the stairs

16. Add beautiful wallpapers on the steps. Can use wall stickers or even wrapping paper if you are creative

17. Who doesn’t like rainbows? Rainbow staircase design will always make your home cheerful


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