34 Stylish Ways To Use Retro Lamps In Your Interior

Some people prefer the retro style for their interiors, while some prefer vintage styles that are considered timeless and timeless. But I’m sure there are still many of you who are still confused between vintage and retro. If you think both are the same, so far you’ve been wrong because vintage and retro designs really have different meanings. Vintage is a style and mode that became popular from 1920 to 1960, while retro began to be born thereafter, from 1970 to 1990. That’s why retro style looks simpler and more modern than vintage style.

Compared vintage style, many people prefer the retro style to become part of the decor. The reason is because retro is easily combined with modern interiors or for those who like to maintain a classic look. Retro design can also be easily found in many things, including lights. If you want to display a retro style for the interior of your home, then here are 34 stylish ways to use the lamp with its retro design. Don’t worry if you are still confused about what kind of retro style it is, scroll down and get inspiration from your favorite retro lights.

source: pinterest


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