35 Modern Green Roof Designs For Sustainable House

Do you realize that every day our earth is getting damaged and old? If left like this it is not impossible that our next generation will be difficult to get a clean environment because there is no more concerned with the natural surroundings. Various efforts were made to suppress air pollution and plant trees as much as possible to keep the air clean and away from pollution. I am sure you are also among those who love the earth and care about the environment, and if you are one of them why we are not trying to add more natural elements to our homes. Today is all about sustainable architecture, and green roofs are included in the sustainable home agenda to be applied to modern home designs. Green roof systems today are not only installed in new buildings, you can also add a green roof if you want to renovate your home or building you want to renew.

Green roofs reduce air pollution better in urban areas, ecological benefits and benefits obtained apply to urban development and refurbished buildings. I believe, implementing a green roof design is very beneficial because it can reduce energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions. If previously green roofs were only popular in the northern states, we could now almost meet them all over the world. If earlier the roof design is only valid for villas and holiday cottage, now many modern buildings such as apartments and private homes that implement this roof design. Are you next? Take a look at 35 incredible photos of this green roof and get ready to be amazed!


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