20 Best Betta Fish Aquarium Design

Apart from houseplants, having an indoor aquarium is also a great decoration to beautify your home. Usually the aquarium has a large enough size which is often used as a room divider or the visual center of an interior. Of course for those of you who have a small room would be difficult to put an aquarium in the house, so you need another solution that you can make alternative if you want to have an aquarium at home.

Today there are many mini aquarium designs or more popularly known as nano tanks. Not only practical, nano tank has a relatively small size that is easy to place in any part of your room. But keep in mind that because this aquarium is mini-sized, you need to choose the type of fish that matches the aquarium design you want to display. Betta fish are probably one of the best types of fish that you can raise at home. Even though you can only keep one fish because this fish has a fighting character, you can work around this by decorating the aquarium to make it look more beautiful. Today I have collected 20 best betta fish aquarium designs that you can apply yourself at home. Please scroll down and enjoy some great inspiration here!

Betta fish aquarium

Betta fish or fighting fish are small fish that have a beautiful shape, either their fins or tail. There are many types of betta fish with beautiful colors, and fish include fish species that is easily maintained. Keeping betta fish is different from other types of fish in general, this fish usually cannot be mixed with other fish or the same type. So, you don’t need a large aquarium design to keep these fish at home.

Betta fish care and aquarium design

Betta fish is a type of fish that is easy to care for, but these fish still need a good water temperature, regular water changes, and good air circulation. Although a betta aquarium doesn’t need to be large, you can still decorate it with various forms, such as creating an aquascape or diorama with a certain theme.


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