55 Ingenious Ways To Use IKEA Spice Racks

IKEA furniture popularity has been known to many people for a long time, even for a simple spice rack. Around a few years ago, IKEA spice rack has been widely used as a storage place books in the children’s room. Maybe that’s the best reason why every IKEA product is able to function for various needs in its original state, and I think IKEA spice rack is the easiest to organize your entire space. Nobody knows why this shelf should be lowered to store spices and books, even though there are still many more effective ways to use this rack more than that.

Every space requires a storage area to hold all your needs, and this rack makes it easy for you to handle everything. You can make use of IKEA spice rack to any room as you wish. They could be in the bathroom to give you extra storage for bathroom walls. Or use this rack as a place to store your accessories and clothes such as glasses and jewelry. These shelves do not need many places, they can be placed on walls, behind doors or become part of a wardrobe. Besides being beautiful as a bookshelf, IKEA spice racks can also be used as wall hangings for living rooms in Scandinavian style. See more ingenious ways to use IKEA spice racks for your various storage needs and have fun with the DIY project below!

Making a DIY project can be done in a variety of ways, if you think the IKEA spice rack looks simple but there are still extraordinary things he can do. Try to suppress your creativity and think openly, you will find many clever secrets and maybe you never imagined before. This rack can make your life more enjoyable with its functional design, even with a little touch like paint and a combination of arrangements, this rack can be big.

After you see the IKEA spice rack idea today, I’m sure you will find what you want for a wall shelf. I’m talking about all the creative ideas where you can use this section and all the DIY way that will challenge your limits.


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