30+ Hottest DIY Calendar Design Ideas For 2020

Besides the clock that always reminds you when it’s time to start or stop, the calendar also becomes another important thing that should be around you. Towards the beginning of this year means it’s time you left the old calendar design to start thinking of a new 2020 calendar. Although I know you often ignore it for a number of reasons such as having a calendar application on your cellphone or your watch, a physical calendar still remains very useful to accompany all your activities. Today I want to help you appreciate each day more by creating your own DIY calendar design ideas, however you will feel more comfortable when you check the schedule with the physical calendar on your desk or wall. If you feel bored with the calendar design is mediocre, so, let’s try to make something unique to make your life more interesting and vibrant in through the day.

You can start with something simple, try to create a calendar with inexpensive materials such as pieces of wood, paper or other material that you think is in the works. By making your own calendar, then you will prefer to be in front of your desk to occasionally see the day or schedule of work to come. You can also place a DIY calendar at home to help your other family, such as creating a DIY calendar for kids, or placing it in certain spaces such as the living room, bedroom, to the kitchen. Here I have collected 30+ hottest DIY calendar design ideas that could become your reference in the 2020. Good luck!


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